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main goals of the projectscientific objectives

The overall objective of the research is to design and develop a method for the early detection and quantification of Verticilium Dahliae in soil and plants for routine diagnosis of the Verticillium wilt disease.

VERTIGEEN aims to develop a homogeneous, simple, rapid, accurate, and sensitive, on site electrochemical diagnosis tool for detecting Verticillium dahlia levels with a cost below €1.000 per unit and €10 per test.

With this purpose the following specific scientific objectives will be fulfilled during the project:

  • Sampling strategy and processing method for both plants and soil to guarantee significant and representative results as well as maximum test sensitivity.
  • Optimize the DNA amplification protocol for the specific detection of Verticillium Dahliae and optimize the selectivity and end point sensitivity of critical parameters.
  • Establish field intervention protocols for the growers to follow in each case. These protocols will be compiled in a Guide for Best Practices.