VERTIGEEN will allow olive producers to reduce losses caused by a common pathogen called Verticillium Dahliae fungus that negatively affects olive plantations.



Offering precise efficient field interventions within an Integrated Pest Management Strategy

  • Vertigeen Platform offers a quick and reliable on-site detection and quantification of the pathogen in soil and plant samples.
  • Vertigeen Platform innovatively integrates in a single platform new but successfully demonstrated technologies overcoming the limitations of the state of the art in terms of heterogeneity, portability, price, ease of use and time-to-result.


No more Verticillium wilt!

  • The increasing frequency and severity of this pathogen in most European olive growing areas has made it the most serious problem of commercial olive plantations.
  • By killing hundred-year-old olive plantations, Verticillium wilt increases soil erosion causing associated environmental problems such as desertification and social problems such as rural depopulation.


European solution in the benefit the European olive sector

  • Crop yield and profitability will increase, while production costs related to the systemic use of pesticides and the production of healthy olive trees will be reduced.
  • Vertigeen Platform will directly benefit the European small and medium-sized olive producers and the competitiveness of the European olive market in a whole by limiting Verticillium disease spread and reducing its impact.